XCC & Fun/Sport Results – National XC Series Round 2 Margam Park

The racing kicked off at Margam Park today with the XCC races, riders battled over the 1km course. The Sport & Fun riders had the hottest heat of the day to contend with!

Margam Park



Fun Open

1. Thomas Mackrell

2. Ben Hext

3. Ross Duffield

Fun Female

1. Megan Mowbray

2. Sarah Broadhead

3. Emma Davies

Sport Open

1. Ollie Mant

2. Ben Vangasse

3. Jordan Peacock

Elite/Junior Open

  1. Thomas Mein
  2. Declan Oldham
  3. Billy Reed

Elite/Junior Women

  1. Grace Inglis
  2. Ruby James
  3. Eilish Gilbert

Veteran Open

  1. Paul Oldham
  2. Tom Colley
  3. Will Hutchins

Veteran Women

  1. Rowena Duffield
  2. Natalie Smith

Youth/Juvenile Open

  1. Luca Hill
  2. Jacob Mauger
  3. Alarik Knox

Youth/Juvenile Girls

  1. Heidi Roscoe
  2. Freya Mowbray
  3. Orla White

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