Which National Course Did You Enjoy The Most In 2022? – RESULTS

As we look forward to 2023, we wondered which course you enjoyed the most in 2022. They all differed in slightly different ways Tong, Woody’s & Kirroughtree suited a more skilled rider whereas Newcastleton & Loch Ore suited riders with more power & fitness.

They were:

Round 1 – Tong

Round 2 – Newcastleton

Round 3 – Loch Ore

Round 4 – Cannock

Round 5 – Woody’s Bike Park

National Championships – Kirroughtree

Poll Results

The results are in,

Tong – 6

Newcastleton – 3

Loch Ore – 1

Cannock – 3

Woody’s – 12

Kirroughtree – 22

It seems the more technical courses, Tong, Woody’s & Kirroughtree were the most popular with our viewers in 2022, We would like to see more technical courses like these! Cannock, Newcastleton & Loch Ore were slightly easier courses which many enjoyed but with our viewers been mostly serious XC racers, that’s why the votes are lower.

We can’t wait to share where the 2023 series is going, Expect them by the end of the year.

Want to know where the National Championships are going in 2023? Check it out here!

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