Race Report – National XC Round 4 Woody’s Bike Park

A great course with brutal climbs & technical descents mixed with the great weather made for a perfect weekend!

The course which was almost unchanged from previous years remained bone dry throughout the weekend which was good for most riders although the loose corners claimed a few victims!

Female UCI Races

The elite female race was dominated by Isla Short on her Ghost hardtail, it’s very rare to see elite riders tackling courses on hardtails but it will certainly of helped with all the climbing Woody’s had! Isla Short of Ghost Factory Racing claimed the victory with a gap of over 3 minutes from Ella Maclean-Howell of Team Inspired, Anna McGorum came in 3rd racing for Peebles CC

Elite Women

1. Isla Short

2. Ella Maclean-Howell

3. Anna McGorum

4. Jo Thom

5. Christina Wiejak

Junior Women

1. Kacey Eyeington

2. Bethany Ann Jackson

3. Daisy Taylor

4. Lucy Allsop

5. Flo Lissaman

Male UCI Races

The battle for the top spot was highly contested between Cameron Mason of Trinity Racing & Charlie Aldridge of Cannondale Factory Racing, lap after lap they changed positions and tried to lose each other but it ultimately came down to a sprint up the last section of the climb before the finish where Aldridge got away to take home the win! Mason came in 2nd just 10 seconds behind Aldridge. Rory McGuire came in 3rd.

Elite Male Results

1. Charlie Aldridge

2. Cam Mason

3. Rory McGuire

4. Grant Ferguson

5. Ben Wadey

Junior Male Results

1. Max Greensill

2. Rueben Oakley

3. Alfie Amey

4. Billy Reed

5. Oscar Taylor


You can view all the results from every category below.

Re-Watch The Racing

You can re-watch the Elite/Junior Male & the Youth/Juvenile Male & Female races below!

Elite/Junior Male

Youth/Juvenile Male & Female

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