2023 Britsh Cycling National XC Championships – LIVE STREAM

We are pleased to announce you will be able to watch the British Cycling National XCO & XCC Championships LIVE for the very first time!

Race You Can Watch Live

XCC – Friday 21st July

17:30 – 20:30 – All XCC Races

XCO – Sunday 22nd July

11:00 – Youth/Juvenile Male & Female

13:30 – Elite Female

15:30 – Elite Male

National XC Championships

You will be able to watch these on our YouTube channel so make sure you’re subscribed!

We are on the lookout for a commentator for the Elite Female & Male races – this will be a paid position if you are interested please email us at web@xcomtb.com.

We’d love to stream the Veteran race but currently, we can’t due to battery power. If anyone would be interested in sponsoring these streams please email us at web@xcomtb.com.

This will be self-funded by us here at XCOMTB.COM so show your support by sharing & watching the streams!

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