Thank You Rob Warner/RedBull TV!

We’d like to send a huge thank you to Rob Warner, Bart Brentjens & the whole team at RedBull TV for their coverage of the World Cups/ World Championships over the last 10+ years. Without them it wouldn’t be as big of a sport as it is now.

Bartek Wolinski/RedBullContentPool

What’s happening in 2023?

So far we haven’t heard a lot. What we do know is unfortunately Rob Warner will not be commentating, we can’t think of anyone who can replace him – he is the voice of World Cup MTB! We have heard rumours that the U23 races will be live streamed next year as well as the Elite.

As far as we know you will have to be a subscriber of either GCN+ or Discovery+ to watch the races- we can’t see it being available to watch for free as they were previously on Redbull TV.

Find the 2023 World Cup dates here.

As soon as we find out exactly what’s happening next year we will let you know!

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